Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dear Readers Please Help: I Need a New Mobility Scooter

You may well have noticed that I have been absent from the internet for about a week.  Well, I just had the week where everything under the sun went wrong.  It started when my computer decided that it had enough and died - of course, the manufacturers warranty is now ended.  I swear these things know just when to die.  I was frustrated but at least I had the comfort of using the unhusbands computer, until it decided that it had also had enough.

If my loses were just about our computers that would be bad, but something I could deal with.  What made matters worse was the loss of my scooter.  On Friday Mayhem, forgot his lunch and so I hopped on my scooter to bring it to him, when it simply died on the way to his school.  I was forced to push it for four blocks with not a soul stopping to help me.  My scooter functions as my legs, and without it, I am trapped in my home. I am not capable of walking more than a block without extreme pain and this leaves me completely dependent on family.

I have checked with all of the government agencies and I am not eligible for aid,  due to my working partner and the fact that I get a small pension.  They simply recommended I approach a charity for help.  The best that the local charity can do for me is to sell me a used scooter, which I am fine with, but that still means I need to come up with a thousand dollars.  I simply do not have it and this means until I can find a way to raise it, I am stuck in my home.

During the winter I always go through depression because my home becomes a prison.  The cold weather means that I am not able to get around.  I have come to think of spring as the start of my life because it means that I am able to regain my independence.  Spring means being able to take my kids to the park, visiting friends whom I have not seen much of,  going to the grocery store, doing my own banking, or even generally just getting out of the house to clear my head. I know that this amounts to the everyday events of life but when you cannot do them, it is extremely hard.  When you are not able, your mobility device literally means life.

I need help everyone.  I cannot stand the idea of being completely stuck in my home, dependent on my family for the smallest things.  I know that a thousand dollars is a lot of money, but if you could spare just a few dollars, it would really, really help.  I know that if enough people give what they can, somehow, we can reach this goal.  I am sorry to have to ask for help, but at this point I have no choice. On the top left side of the blog, I have a widget for donations.  So, if you can, please help.