Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thank You

WOW, I am absolutely humbled and thankful for the way that everyone came through for me yesterday.  It was beyond my wildest hopes. I thought that I was seeing things when I checked my account and discovered that not only had my goal been met, but exceeded.  I cannot say thank you enough for all of your support.

I am going to go and see about that new scooter today.  I am so excited!  I feel like I got my world back and I look forward to scooting around the city and living my life.  Please know that every time I use it, I will think of all of you and your amazing generosity.  This means more to me than I can ever convey to you in words.  I will take a picture of it and place it up on the blog for everyone to see.  Your generosity was not only a gift to me, but to my family.  Having a scooter means that I will be able to be more active and do the things that my family needs, as well as spend the summer at the pool with the kids.  For me a scooter means freedom - something so precious it defies words.

With the extra you sent, I am going to get a new computer and that means I shall be back amping up the internet in no time.  I know they're some haters out there who are going to be disappointed to hear that. Hah! I may have been down, but with your help, I am no longer out. Again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.