Thursday, May 3, 2012

Churches Chicken Has Black Folks Steppin'

Though we tend to get many of the same ads aired in the U.S., I must confess that I have not seen the following advertisements on the air in Canada.

Wow, mom brings home some chicken and so of course the kids have their step routine on and then not to be outdone, Daddy's got to throw down as well.

This time there isn't a full blown step routine, but that doesn't stop the Black kids from clapping and getting their groove on. 

According to Loop21, "These were found on the Vimeo page for an ad agency called Trend Influence. They are weeks old too. Maybe they held these back after the Burger King "crispy chicken" fiasco."

First let me just say, shame on the adults who participated in this, and shame on the parents who allowed their children to participate.  Everyone has got to eat, but Black folk need to stop dancing and celebrating chicken.  This commercial is the perfect example of a marginalized person participating in their own oppression.  Let's face facts, White folks eat chicken to, but you don't seem them celebrating getting their happy on over poultry.  I really think that in these incidents, not only do we have to hold the companies accountable but the people who participate.  I understand that everyone needs to find a way to negotiate their marginalizations but there have to be limits.  The very fact that Black people are thought of as a horde rather than individuals, means whether I like it or not, this step routine reflects upon me.

Whether or not these ads ever air on television, they have already entered the social consciousness.  This is not the first time we have seen some speculative ish on the internet in terms of advertising.  Anyone remember the Pepsi for rape fiasco of a few years ago? The company gets plausible dependability on what is clearly a problematic message, while getting their message out.

Alright folks, do you believe that Churches should get the benefit of the doubt on these ads and what are your thoughts on the participants?