Thursday, May 3, 2012

Daily Fanpoodle, Drama Queenz Season 1 Episode Three Part 1 and 2

Okay fellow fanpoodles, today we are going to discuss both parts of episode three today.

In this first section, the roommates discover just how small the world is.  Living in a home with only one bathroom, I can absolutely relate with the struggle to get in there.  I have been Davis, screaming about the hot water.  Jerimiah seems to be pleased to see Donovan later and the Preston and Davis are not buying the getting together to train routine.  Preston gets a lesson in what not being committed to a relationship looks like.  I do however think it was not cool for his lover to visit his place of employment to throw another man in his face.

In this second part, the roommates learn that when life dishes out bad, that it throws out some good to balance thins out.  Davis gets dropped by his roommate, but runs into that cute stranger from the park.  Preston is upset about seeing his lover with another man, but gets a call back on an audition.

Okay fellow poodles, what did you think of episode 3?