Today in Racist Advertising

Right, so one must squint to read the fucked up text to decipher: See Asia Like Asians Do.  This is not the first, nor will it be the last time that racism has found its way into advertising but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t disgusting.  The worst part is that until you actually squint, you don’t have any idea what the text itself says, thus forcing you to participate in an abhorrent action. 
I expect it is only a matter of time until multipasstravel releases some sort of faux apology about how they didn’t mean to be racist and are sorry if anyone was offended.  That is usually how these things go.  This kind of advertising is absolutely intentional and I don’t believe for one moment that the intent was benign. 
This kind of racist advertising gets attention and has the possibility of going viral.  The problem is that too many believe that attention is always positive, even when it is gained from negative behaviour, so in a sense, by writing about this ad, I am giving the creators exactly what they want. This is completely a no win situation for people of colour.  Our silence would read as acceptance of this vile racist ad and writing, or speaking about it gives attention.  I wish there were some sort of middle ground here.

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