True Blood Season Five, Episode Eight: Somebody That I Used to Know

True Blood opens at the hospital where the man Sam caught is being taken away from the hospital by Andy in handcuffs.  Luna is extremely upset because to her, they are everywhere.  Sam tries to calm her by saying that he is on it that she has police stationed outside her door, and then leaves for the station.  This does not calm Luna down and she shifts into Sam and promptly passes out.  
The vampires are still higher than hell from their night of debauchery, save Eric who is looking at them in a shocked state.  He has to ask Bill what happened and Bill tells him that they saw Lilith, but Eric is not convinced because they are high.
Jason confronts Sookie who says she is dumping all of her fairy light because she is a freak and wants to be normal.  Jason tells her that if she were normal that she would never have met Bill and he points out that they had real love, which is something not everyone gets. He reminds her that she got to talk to their grandmother one last time and that doesn’t happen to normal folk. He even points out that her fae power is a legacy of their parents and that nothing is going to feel right until they find out who killed them. Once again, someone is there to save Sookie from herself. I know that he is her brother, but at the same time, it irks me that someone is always there for her when she is resistant to spending even two second focusing on someone else.  Given her penchant for getting into trouble, how much sense did it make to get rid of the one thing that gives her power?
Back at the hospital, Luna is coming to and is shocked to see herself as Sam.  She walks out of the hospital telling the cop to mind his own God damned business.  When Sam Trammell is given the opportunity to try something new on the show, he really invests in it.  Watching him sashay out of the hospital actually had me cracking up a little bit. 
At Fangtasia, Jessica is doing her thing, when a man starts to come on to her, tempting her with his blood.  I still very much like this new naughty Jessica, who is in control of her wants and needs.
At the authority compound, the vampires are discussing how they never really believed in Lilith until last night. Of course, Russel steals the moment by saying “God has the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen.”  He then declares that he is born again along with Steve Newlin.  Salome believes that this is a sign that Roman’s death has been sanctioned by God. Steve is sent off to gather up a few humans and Eric bows out saying that he has had enough fun for one night. Before leaving, he and Bill share a very pointed look, but Bill remains with the other vampires.
Alcide is very busy getting his wolf thing on and can I say that I am impressed with the fact that True Blood actually decided to depict cunnilingus, because this is an act that is highly erased from sex scenes in the media.  Sex is often portrayed strictly from the male gaze, and this often precludes acts which give women pleasure. 
Salome sets up a late night snack for Bill and when he refuses, she demands that he feed on this woman as God has commanded.  Bill says that he has fathered children and cannot take this woman away from them, but Salome counters with the fact that he didn’t make them vampire and keep them with him forever. We get a flashback to Bill’s daughter’s deathbed.  She asks him to make her like him, because she does not want to die, but Bill says that he cannot because immortality is a curse. She cries that she can feel herself rotting and begs him, as Bill pulls away from her.  Salome says that God chose to make vampires in his own likeness to transcend human notions of morality and that to refuse God’s gift is blasphemy.  Bill decides to drink from the woman, as Salome says a prayer of thanks.
Hoyt arrives at the hideout of the human shifter killers and finds that Jessica has been silvered to welcome him to the group. Apparently, they targeted Jessica because she broke Hoyt’s heart. They show her a gun with six shots of wooden bullets and then hand the gun off to Hoyt. They start to pressure Hoyt to kill Jessica, saying that it will feel good and then walk out of the room, leaving him alone with her.
Sookie and Jason head to the fae club hoping to find the vampire who killed their parents. When they are resistant, she asks loudly if they have any idea what it is to have someone you love murdered by a vampire.  Umm hello, Claude’s sister was killed by Eric last season — of course they know — but Sookie cannot be sensitive when she wants to get her own way. Claude tells them that they have a bond and that he cares about her.  I for one have no idea why he would actually give a damn about little Miss Self Important.  They agree to meet at the bridge where her parents where murdered.
Lafayette is driving back and sees the wounds on his lips from them being sewn shut. When he pulls out the first aid kit behind the visor, he finds that the kit has a picture of Jesus on it. With tears in his eyes, he pulls out some V and applies it to his lips so that they can heal.  Jesus appears in the car beside him and he says thanks.  When Lafayette asks if Jesus is real, Jesus says it doesn’t matter and offers him his hand. This scene was so brief, but it touched me because it reminded us of everything Lafayette lost and how deep his pain goes. 
At the station, Sam and Andy are questioning the suspect but when he refuses to talk, Andy asks for a minute alone with him. Andy says it’s illegal but he leaves anyway. When Sam starts to undress, the man says “I ain’t no fucking homo” and Sam responds, “neither am I,” before turning into a snake. I guess it would have been too much to ask for True Blood to just have one stinking episode without some homophobia thrown in.

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