The Vampire Diaries, Season Four, Episode Three: The Rager

Tyler is asleep in hospital bed after being shot and a police officer is
standing guard at the door to his room. Suddenly, a noise in the
corridor attracts the cops attention and when he leaves to check it out,
he is assaulted by Connor Jordan.  Hearing the noise, Tyler awakes and
when Connor enters his room, Tyler is nowhere to be seen.  Tyler decides
to attack Connor from behind, but Connor manages to inject a paralytic
into Tyler.  He lays Tyler on the bed and then draws some kind of liquid
from his fangs, before rushing out of Tyler’s room. Connor returns to
his RV and is clearly making something from the venom which he withdrew
from Tyler.  When he sits at his desk, he looks at two folders and
decides to open the one with Jeremy’s name on it.
Stefan is outside the house working on a motorcycle.  Damon sees this as
his midlife crises but Stefan says that the transition has been rough
on Elena and he wants to take her out to have a little fun.  Damon
informs Stefan that Connor stole some of Tyler’s venom last night and
now he plans to hunt him and kill him.  When Stefan offers to help,
Damon turns him down and the brothers are back to arguing about Elena
yet again.  Damon plans to leave town because the agreement was that
only the one Elena chose would get to stay, but Stefan says that things
are different now because Elena is one of them. He justifies punching
Damon in the face by saying that he was being dramatic and Damon did
after all blood share with Elena. 
Matt and Elena meet at their old make out spot. She again expresses
angst for having to feed and Matt asks her to let him do this for her
because he owes her his life.  She only feeds briefly and when Matt asks
her if she had enough, she responds, “no, but if I had anymore, I’m
afraid I wouldn’t stop.” Elena wipes her lips and puts a bandage on Matt
and then they head off to school. Matt questions whether she should be
there or not, and Elena says that the vampire hunter knows that she
knows Damon and so this place is safer and then adds she wants to be
there because it is her senior year. Honestly, was I the only one
rolling my eyes? How long are they going to keep these kids in high
school already? They don’t act like the kids that they are supposed to
be and never attend school for anything other than planning dances, or
wretched founders events. As they walk through the parking lot, Elena
notices a flyer stuck to a car, which calls for a town curfew of ten
pm.  Matt reminds her that Tyler was shot in front of half of the town
and that everyone is a little freaked. 
Carol and Tyler return home and Tyler is not pleased to see two men
standing in the foyer when he enters.  He assumes that they are more
deputies and Klaus enters.  Klaus says that he was halfway to Chicago,
when he heard that Tyler was attacked but duty calls. Tyler
sarcastically replies, “Nice to know you care.”  As Klaus walks forward
he says, “I don’t. I should have killed you for the stunt you and your
little friends pulled, stopping my heart and leaving me in a coffin to
rot.” Tyler reminds Klaus that he hijacked his body and kissed his
girlfriend and suggests that makes them even, but Klaus is not
convinced.  It seems that Klaus is there because hybrids are a dying
breed and he cannot make more, and will not allow anyone to take
liberties with those that are left.  Klaus points to the other hybrids
and instructs Tyler to consider them his bodyguards.
Elena and Stephen are sitting in history class together and he points
out that it’s been awhile since they were in a large class together. Uh
huh, no shit sherlock and that would be because no one on this show
actually attends class.  Rebekah enters handing out fliers, announcing
the anti curfew party that she is holding and invites Elena to attend so
that they can bury the hatchet.  Elena replies that it’s a pretty big
hatchet.  Elena notices the new address and asks, “new house huh, did
your brother finally kick you out?” Rebekah replies, “he didn’t kick me
out, I left.” They trade barbs until Stephen asks he Rebekah she is
still in town. Rebekah says that history is her favourite class and then
asks about Alaric, only to bring up the point that she killed him.
Elena throws her pencil at Rebekah but Rebekah catches it and throws it
at Elena, piercing her shoulder.  Okay, what kind of material are their
pencils made of in Mystic Falls?

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