Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thoughts in the Wake of the Connecticut Mass Murder

I am not one of those people who is even a little bit conflicted about guns.  I don't buy the bullshit line that people kill people and not guns because the fact of the matter is that it is much easier to kill someone with a gun.  There is no other purpose for a gun beyond taking life.  I have never in my life held a gun, let alone shot one and am proud of fact.

As I watched CNN yesterday and learned about the shooting in Connecticut, I was absolutely horrified.  The more I watched, the more anxious I was for my children to return home so that I could hug them and kiss them - a luxury that 20 sets of parents and extended families no longer have.  As we held our sons and told them how much we loved them, several things struck my mind. Watching the news, there has been a lot of discussion of the role that mental health had to play, the absence of a discussion on race and of course gun control.

Whenever these shootings happen, the media goes on yet another round of ableism by stigmatizing  those who are mentally ill.  Few will acknowledge that those who are neurologically atypical are more prone to harm themselves than others, and instead we get warnings about how we need to deal with the mentally ill in society.  Yes, people need access to good mental health treatment but not because they might go out and kill someone but because healthcare, regardless of the reason, should be a human right.  What people who are disabled do not need, is yet another round of pathologizing commentary.  Dr. Drew and the like have no idea of what Adam Lanza's motivation really was, or if he was indeed mentally ill, but they have no problem repeatedly saying this.  Neurologically typical people perform heinous acts ever damn day but when horrible incidents like this happen, you never ever hear that.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jamie Foxx: "I Get To Kill all of the White People"

Jamie Foxx recently hosted Saturday Night Live, and made a few comments that once again have gotten conservatives in a bit of a fury.

My name is Jamie Foxx. Give it up, give it up, New York City, Saturday Night Live. Come on, make some noise, man. New York City, New York City, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, it’s crazy. I'm black, and I’m dressed all black cause it's good to be black. Black is the new white. I’m telling you, how black is this right here? Nice fly, I’m saying. You know how I know black is in right now? Cause the Nets moved to Brooklyn. How black is that? They got black jerseys, black court. I mean, how black is that? And Jay-z is the owner, a rapper. How black is that? And Jay-z only own about this much of the team. But he act like he own all of New York. How black is that?

And I got a movie coming out, "Django," check it out. Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson. “Django Unchained” I play a slave. How black is that? And in the movie I had to wear chains. How whack is that? But don't be worried about it because I get out the chains, I get free, I save my wife, and I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that? And how black is that?

But I'm going to tell you right now, speaking of blackness, my President, President Obama is back up in the White House four more years. How black is that? And not only that, he’s so black, he was playing basketball during the Election Day. How black is that? But he was also late for his acceptance speech. Okay, all the white people, this is your turn - how black is that?

But he going to be extra black this next four years. He going to get everything black, and white people, don't get nervous about that because he is mixed. Now the first four years was the white side of him, because I don't know if you saw him on Ellen when he was dancing and everything. I don't know what this is. That wasn't President Obama, that was President Barry Gibb Obama. But the next four years he's even changing his name from to President Barack Dikembe Mutombo Tupac Mandela Hussein Obama X. How black is that? And the next time you see him dancing on Ellen, he gonna be dancing like this.