Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Traditional Same Sex Wedding in Africa

One of the things that disgusts me about homophobes, is their absolute denial of the beauty and power of love.  No matter how love occurs, whether it be people of the same sex, parent to child, man and a woman, or platonic love between friends, it's beautiful and make us more than the sum of our parts.  There is so much ugliness, violence and hatred in this world that to look at love and not see the beauty of it mystifies me quite honestly. 

When I came across the news feed of a traditional African wedding between two gay men, I simply had to share.  We know that particularly in Uganda, LGBT people face horrible persecution.  The stories coming out of the continent of Africa have been horrifying.  This is not say that it's even remotely easy to be GLBT in the western world because there isn't a country or continent without homophobia and transphobia.

How could anyone  not smile watching the happiness of this couple and their guests?  I loved that Cameron Modisane (one of the grooms) said, "it's against this idea that being gay is not African.  Being gay is as African as being black." It's a direct statement against the idea that being GLBT is some sort of perversion instituted by colonial forces.  The anti-trans laws and the anti-gay laws are the legacy of colonial forces and casting them aside and celebrating the diversity that is the human spirit is what is African.

The road ahead will not be easy for this couple, despite living in South Africa, which has the most progressive laws on the books in terms of the GLBT community. Watching this married couple not only made me happy, it gave me hope that more couples will be able to celebrate their love so openly and with such clear joy.