Monday, January 20, 2014

For Zaida Waters, Black Women Behaving Badly Is A Joke

 I was on Facebook when I came across a video of a woman fighting with her kids in the grocery store.  She tried to get her son to stop eating the grapes because this amounts to theft.  His reaction was to tell her to watch her tone and then he preceded to lay hands on his mother. She of course lost her ever loving mind and someone intervened to drag her out of the store before she could lay a beating on the child.  I don't condone spanking but I could understand her frustration.  Raising kids is hard and there are times when even the best parent reaches the end of their ever loving rope. I have been there and any parent who says that they have not, is either in extreme denial, or an outright liar.

I was focused on the implications of yet another video going viral about Black women and children behaving badly in public. World Hip Hop Stars has made a fortune showing these videos to the world and every time this happens, it give the impression that all Black women and children are nothing but hoodrats, who don't know how to behave in public and have no respect for themselves. 

I looked at this video from the perspective of a parent and how someone could reach the end of their rope.  I have disciplined my children from a very young age and so I can fairly confidentially say that neither one of them would raise a hand to me, or even think of talking to me like that, especially in public.  I was going to write a piece about the importance of non violent discipline and how it is necessary to raise children to become good citizens.  I was then going to combine this approach with a section on the racist mysoginst reasons these videos continue to go viral.  It would have been a good piece but it doesn't apply to this video because it is a HOAX.

Zaida Waters creates public scenes, which she calls comedy and uploads them to her youtube page.  They are supposedly  a teaching lessons for us all.  In the following video, she screams on a New York City subway train about her boyfriend giving her AIDS.  Her accomplice tries to drag her from the train and fellow passengers are forced to intervene.

In the following video, Ms. Waters fakes going into labor at Coney Island.

In the video below, Waters pretends to be Muslim, who is initiating a terrorist attack on the subway.


There are currently 24 videos on her YouTube page and each involves some kind of public display of Black people acting badly. The following is the description on her YouTube page:
'Hey everyone,’ reads her YouTube channel description.
'Welcome to Msmuffin’s channel..if you like to watch comedy pranks, you’ve came to the right darn channel ;p..I hope you enjoy my videos... I wish the best to you all and stay strong ..and oh do me a big fav keep a smile on them beautiful faces, life’s too short to be stressing ;)..stay tooned you guys have a great day.'
How is her work making anyone happy? At the end of each video, is some ridiculous spiel about how people need to learn a lesson. My question is what sort of lesson are these videos supposed to teach us?

There are plenty of comedians earning an income on Youtube with their pranks.  One great example is Tom Mabe, who has fished for cops with donuts, tried to hitchhike in front of a prison in handcuffs and a prison uniform, and his epic Don't Drink and Drive video.  The difference between Mabe and Waters is that he does not rely upon negative stereotypes, waste public resources,  or cause emotional harm to those who witness, or participate in the prank.

What Waters does not realise, is that not everyone who comes across one of her so-called pranks is going to know that she is only joking.  What they will see is yet another Black woman reifying every damn racist stereotype that they have come to view as normal for Black people. Waters knows that her videos are going to go viral before she even uploads them because the internet is littered with real videos quite similar to her so-called pranks.  This means she cannot be unaware of the message they send and how it reflects on Black people as a whole, yet she continues. Waters seeks notoriety, no matter the cost to others.

Imagine the fear of those who really believed she intended to blow up the train.  What about the waste of resources when EMT's rushed to the scene to deliver her fake baby?  The cops were called for her staged momma and children behaving badly at the supermarket. What I want to know is why this woman who wastes tax payers dollars and is nothing but a public nuisance has not been arrested?  Her so-called pranks are the equivalent of someone yelling "fire" in a crowded theater.  Marginalized people have two choices: they can resist the negative identity privileged people have created for us, or they can align themselves with their oppressors.  I suppose we know which approach Waters has chosen to take.  I am so done with comedians.