tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-3486177601646533834.post4916116678420663951..comments2015-03-03T11:29:30.577-05:00Comments on Womanist Musings: EntrapmentReneehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/16388113393817266374noreply@blogger.comBlogger11125tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-3486177601646533834.post-28820769921151056492008-07-04T22:05:00.000-04:002008-07-04T22:05:00.000-04:00Julie wrote: "Always know", feminist and communist...Julie wrote: "Always know", feminist and communist Kay Goodger says, "Nothing happens by accident".<BR/><BR/>I’ve never said any such thing, either in the early 1970s when I was a young socialist feminist, nor in the 35 years since I ceased political activity. It's a nonsensical statement!<BR/><BR/>For the information of your readers, Julie Whitehouse has been reposting inaccurate, defamatory andAnonymousnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-3486177601646533834.post-83758838477440970322008-06-25T02:06:00.000-04:002008-06-25T02:06:00.000-04:00Renee, I just want to show you how things have wor...Renee, <BR/><BR/>I just want to show you how things have worked with female age of consent. <BR/><BR/><I>So there has been a momentous decision in the NSW Parliament:<BR/>to make the age of consent to sexual intercourse the same for gay and straight males as is already the case in other Australian States. And the sky has not fallen.<BR/><BR/>Those protesting against lowering the age for gay malesjuliehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/16208188439777936253noreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-3486177601646533834.post-58070891152239087212008-06-24T09:02:00.000-04:002008-06-24T09:02:00.000-04:00Also I think this second guy only got 1 year with ...Also I think this second guy only got 1 year with 5yrs probation.<BR/><BR/>And as far as the should have known her age thing<BR/><BR/>My aunt mentors orphans from a local orphanage, the first time I saw this girl I wondered to myself why my aunt was mentoring a senior in HS. This girl was 5'10" lookes like Kiera Knightly with a C cup.<BR/><BR/>After spending some time with her I figured she was lujlpnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-3486177601646533834.post-80365289670591496762008-06-24T09:01:00.000-04:002008-06-24T09:01:00.000-04:00Also in this age of celebrated female sexuall free...<EM>Also in this age of celebrated female sexuall freedom whs to say that they spent that much time talking before first having sex?</EM><BR/><BR/>On the video that I posted he said that he met with her several times before engaging in sex with her<BR/><BR/><EM>You mentioned anyone talking to this girl should have known her age, I have one question twords that statement, Did you talk to her, faceReneehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/16388113393817266374noreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-3486177601646533834.post-60277582683235510822008-06-24T06:16:00.000-04:002008-06-24T06:16:00.000-04:00First I am a man, second I am a mens right activis...First I am a man, second I am a mens right activist as much as I am A woamns rights activist.<BR/>I just depends on who is getting dumped on.<BR/><BR/>In this case the guy once he realized what was going on came forward and TRIED to get this girls some help, and we all saw how he was rewarded for his efforts.<BR/><BR/>Meanwhile this girl is still up to her same antics and her family is doing lujlpnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-3486177601646533834.post-89665305145646517452008-06-24T01:47:00.000-04:002008-06-24T01:47:00.000-04:00@ DannyI am not saying to sweep it under the rug. ...@ Danny<BR/>I am not saying to sweep it under the rug. I am saying that the girl needs help. This definitely should not be forgotten about. As far as Lujlp his/her history of MRA advocacy in every single circumstance speaks for itself.Reneehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/16388113393817266374noreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-3486177601646533834.post-39167434092536118472008-06-24T01:40:00.000-04:002008-06-24T01:40:00.000-04:00Renee:Stop looking for the mens rights angle on ev...Renee:<BR/><I>Stop looking for the mens rights angle on everything. </I><BR/><BR/>lujlp isn't looking for an MRA angle. She/he is looking an accountability and equal treatment angle. I understand that things change depending on the circumstances but this girl went out her way to deceive two adults. Now I'm not saying she should be on the sex offender registry for life but to just sweep under Dannyhttp://www.blogger.com/profile/13806448004236223177noreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-3486177601646533834.post-81027973047680917392008-06-24T01:30:00.000-04:002008-06-24T01:30:00.000-04:00Most perps started out as victims themselves, I do...<EM>Most perps started out as victims themselves, I dont hear people crying for the kid gloves treatment of pedophiles simply because they were victims once.</EM><BR/><BR/>In case you didn't notice the girl is 13. I repeat 13. This is a call for help on her part and no one is listening. They only seem content on focusing on the sexual aspect of this case. The difference between her and a Reneehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/16388113393817266374noreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-3486177601646533834.post-2452436145240093142008-06-23T22:55:00.000-04:002008-06-23T22:55:00.000-04:00You know why this guy is in jail? Because once he...You know why this guy is in jail? Because once he found out the girls age he stopped seeing her, and told her father what she was up to. <BR/><BR/>His reponse? throw the guy in jail and do nothing about the fact that she is still trolling for men.<BR/><BR/>This girl drove to meet him, she drove a car, so you can see why he wouldnt have thought she was 13 right?<BR/><BR/>nd with all the groth lujlpnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-3486177601646533834.post-53647324789302114182008-06-23T21:54:00.000-04:002008-06-23T21:54:00.000-04:00@Danny I acknowledge that Jimi feels the sentencin...@Danny<BR/> <BR/>I acknowledge that Jimi feels the sentencing is fair. My issue is withholding a 13 year old child accountable in this case. I blame the parents, I blame child protection services and even the media but not the girl.<BR/><BR/>Children who act out like this are usually victims of some sort of abuse. This is something he did not even bother to explore.<BR/><BR/>As a mother and a Reneehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/16388113393817266374noreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-3486177601646533834.post-58924076948922296692008-06-23T21:07:00.000-04:002008-06-23T21:07:00.000-04:00Actually Jimi comes right out and says that the tw...Actually Jimi comes right out and says that the two men being put in jail is, "hard, but it’s fair."<BR/><BR/>What he is wondering where is the accountability on the part of the parents and/or Dean herself. She doesn't deserve to get drug through the dirt when she obviously needs help but at the same time I cannot deny one thing: If this was an underage boy and an older woman there's a good Dannyhttp://www.blogger.com/profile/13806448004236223177noreply@blogger.com