Comment Policy

Womanist Musings is a truly intersectional website.  On a daily basis conversation includes but is not limited to: racism, sexism, homophobia, cissexism etc., As a result, it is very necessary to establish a code of conduct for all those participating in the comment section.
Comments that are in disagreement with the OP posted are certainly welcome; however, if they include language that is ableist, sexist, homophobic  etc., they may be subject to instant deletion.  If said commenter continues to engage in what is considered abusive behaviour, their comment may be edited to become acceptable for publication (note: you won’t like it if I clean up your ignorance), or they may be banned.
It is important that this site be as safe as possible for all of those who are participating without stifling conversation.  We are all here for the purposes of learning, and any distraction from that goal will not be appreciated.
Comments that suggest that a guest poster has no right to share their opinion will also be subject to immediate deletion.  Guest posters add a very important element to this blog. I may not agree with everything written by a guest poster; however, the point is not total agreement but to consider concepts and ideas outside of our experience.
Motherhood is very important to me and as such I will discuss my children.  This is no way gives you the right to attack them, suggest that they are being abused, or comment that they need to be removed from my care.  My unhusband will also occasionally comment or appear in pieces that I write, any attack on him beyond disagreeing with a point he may have raised is also not acceptable.  Speaking about my family does not give you licence to attack them in any way, and any such comments will result in instant deletion and or banning.