Raised in a diasporic community in the prairies, Biyuti, has always felt like she occupied the spaces between. This sense if being continually liminal has fueled many of his creative and productive interactions with the world. She feels, however, a great sense of grounding and pride in his [email protected] heritage and family.

Race, being central to her life, is also at the centre of his intellectual interests. Their interests in social justice arise from the tensions created by being a bakla Filipina in a western country. His explorations of the social justice landscape occur at her blog, Biyuti, and at The Biyuti Collective. Above all, she wishes to participate in the nourishment and liberation of our individual and collective biyuti. 


Mel (known on the internets as BroadSnark) was adopted as an infant by Russian and Romanian Jews who taught her to debate, question everything, and be fiercely independent – lessons they probably regretted when she turned into a rebellious teen. She has lived in Florida, California, and Washington DC (with a long stint through Mexico and Guatemala).  

Growing up with an orthodox, Jewish mother turned her into an atheist. Her studies of human rights violations in the Americas, particularly around the drug war, convinced her that the political process would never be the solution to our problems. Her experience working in law firms and non-profits, especially in management, turned her into an anarchist. 

Mel writes about power, coercion, culture, inequality, sex, justice, politics, agency, freedom, rights, social change, social control, community, religion, media, prejudice, stereotypes, violence, conflict resolution, criminalization, and whatever else tickles her fancy.  

She blogs at and tweets at!/Broadsnark


Jaded16 is a Radical feminist from Mumbai, India. She hopes to graduate in English Literature in a year, if her brains comply that is. When her nose isn't stuck in one book or another, she can be found ranting against various things (starting from the lack of caffeine in her system to the Dudeliest of the DudeCouncils), teaching French and English Literature to High School Students, maintaining a humour blog 'Oi With The Poodles Already', living life à la Cyborg Manifesto and writing deep, existential thoughts in her journal such as "Just why can't I ever write something without making a complete PoopShake of myself"? in whatever is left of her free time. Oh and she talks about herself in third-person very often, don't hold it against her.

E-mail Jaded16 at [email protected]

JuJuBe (Joanna)

JuJuBe (Joanna) is a radical progressive blogger living on Long Island. Her primary goal in life is to bring about revolutionary social change by encouraging the dismantling of the global system of white supremacy. A particular passion is the reform of the racist and corrupt criminal (in)justice and prison systems. She also participates in the fight for equality on other fronts, particularly in the areas of size discrimination and the stigmatization of mental health patients.

Reading is Joanna's first love, and writing comes in a close second. She blogs at My Name is JuJuBe and at The Intersection of Madness and Reality. You can contact Joanna at [email protected]

Matt Kailey

Matt Kailey is a transman living in Denver, Colorado, and an author, public speaker, and trainer on transgender issues. 
He is the author of the Lambda Literary Award finalist Just Add Hormones: An Insider’s Guide to the Transsexual Experience (Beacon Press), the editor of Focus on the Fabulous: Colorado GLBT Voices (Johnson Books), and a contributor to many anthologies and collections. He has also appeared in five documentary films. 

He blogs at Tranifesto, where you can find out more information about his books, films, opinions, and earth-shattering deep inner thoughts. E-mail him at [email protected].

Eva Rivera 

Eva Rivera is young poet who is proud of her Chicana identity, lesbian sexuality and working class roots. When she's not writing, spending time with her family or wishing it was summer already, she is shaking her money maker as an exotic dancer, web cam model, and independent porn actress. She resents those who wish to paint her as a victim becasue of her line of work. She's simply trying to pay her bills on time and buy expensive food. When she grows up she wants to be a film maker, business owner and maybe finish school.

Eva will be writing about the world that sex workers must negotiate from defending ourselves against an abusive legal system, finding safe spaces and creating community to fighting our way into the feminist arena that too often ignores and silences our voices. Eva strongly believes that sex workers rights, womens rights and human rights are strongly interconnected and one cannot go forward without the other. Aside from sex worker rights, Eva is passionate about justice for immigrants, ending racism, classism, ableism, sexism and the general system of oppression that our society strongly upholds. You can catch her more personal writing here 

April Scissors

Currently a Master’s Candidate in Media, Culture, and Society, April is in the final stages of completing her thesis on Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. April specializes in media representations of people of color, women, and other socially marginalized groups. She looks closely at how such portrayals impact the larger society’s understanding of those groups—affecting social/governmental policies, relationships, and the spotlighted individual. Other than amassing a mean nail polish collection, she’s working her way towards dismantling willful ignorance and prejudice masked as humor. Email her at [email protected]


Sparky is an English gay lawyer living with his husband, Beloved (who works full time to bring necessary randomness to Sparky's already eccentric life), a puddle of fur that is allegedly a cat and various random houseguests.
His time is split between the ever increasing chaos his clients bring him, the ever rising chaos working with local non-profits brings, the truly bizarre chaos his family can bring and no small amount of chaos blogging, campaigning and generally being a mouthy so-and-so brings. And, of course, the truly amazing chaos Beloved is happy to provide. Occasionally there is sleep. More usually there is coffee. 

Sparky currently blogs about GBLT rights, politics and various randomness (as well as the odd shiny that catches his eye) at Spark in Darkness until he can find a format that is suitable to his technical know how. Since an abacus represents the cutting edge of Sparky's computer skills, this may not change in the near future. He can be reached at [email protected] and has been known to answer his email within the wee... err, month. 


I am a Sinhalese woman by way of Minnesota, by way of Dubai, by way of Sri Lanka. Transnationality underscores my womanism and defines a huge part of who I am. I was born in Sri Lanka, my family moved to Dubai when I was nine, and at the age of 20 I arrived in the USA to attend college. For me, these three places exist interconnectedly: I can never be in one without also channeling the energy, the influence, the experience of the other two.

I am also a writer, and I believe in the power of art to empower and awaken. I am committed to infusing my everyday life with the womanist/ social justice values of empathy, affirmation, humility, respect for interconnections, appreciation of family and community, and an abiding, simple love for humanity. I believe in our human potential to build a better world, with different, people-affirming values.  I can be reached at [email protected]

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that’s given to us” – Tolkien.
Itoro Udofia

Itoro Udofia is a Nigerian-American artist and writer currently living and working in Amherst, MA. Currently, she is spending her summer as a teaching artist working in at a summer arts program in Springfield, MA. You can find more of her work at and she can be reached at [email protected].   

Wood Turtle

WoodTurtle is a Canadian Muslim feminist currently using her extended maternity leave to explore developments of Islamic feminism in the Western and Muslim world. A former academic with a masters in Islamic law and medieval history, she believes that in order to grapple with patriarchal religious Tradition, it's necessary for women to produce engaged readings and interpretations of the Quran. And to do so confidently.

As a woman who wears the hijab (owns several abayas and a niqab monogrammed with her initials in pink, sparkly sequins), she writes frequently on genderized Islamophobia.  She also works toward dispelling myths and stereotypes about women in Islam for both Muslims and non. She writes full time about her feminism and motherhood over at WoodTurtle and occasionally guest blogs at Hijabman. You can contact her at [email protected]

Natalie Wilson

Natalie Wilson is a literature and women’s studies scholar, blogger, and author. She teaches at Cal State San Marcos and specializes in the areas of gender studies, feminism, feminist theory, gender studies, cultural studies, body studies, and literature. She is author of the blogs Professor, what if…? and Seduced by Twilight. She also writes a column at Girl with Pen and regularly blogs for the Ms. Blog. 

She is currently writing  Seduced by Twilight, a book examining the Twilight cultural phenomenon from a feminist perspective.

As a professor, she highly values education and believes a populace that learns about the true history of our world (Howard Zinn style) and the true reality of our present (non-corporate owned media style) could go a long ways towards making the world a better place. As one of her favorite bumper stickers asks, she wonders why there is always money for war, but not for education.

She is interested in all the ‘isms’ that govern our world and how they intersect. She is against most (racism, sexism, militarism, classism, ageism, ableism) and for others (feminism, pacifisim, and certain strands of humanitarianism/humanism).